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Ponytail Beanies with PURPOSE

Our mission is to use fashion (beanies) as a platform to help you and your loved ones strengthen your mental wellbeing.

Each of our beanies has a unique message, with the purpose of creating awareness on simple strategies that will enhance your happiness and mental wellbeing. 

Introducing: Threader Ponytail Beanie Creme

Message: Be YOU


There is something so beautiful and heartfelt when you can just simply be you. Be your inner child, be aware of your thoughts, follow your intuition and be free to express who you are. Life can get busy, so it’s important to relax and take time out to just be.

Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are.

Nothing beats pure happiness, being healthy in both the heart and mind and to adorn yourself in self-love.

Oh, and speaking about adorning yourself, treat yourself to a warm, woven with love ponytail beanie, where you can be you as much as you desire.

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